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It's like having your very own salesperson on duty on your website at all times. This new software lets you customize a message to speak to your visitors - one they can't block! This simple software lets you drive more sales without any additional effort on your part.

Yep…video no longer plays on auto on websites anymore... so what’s the next best thing?

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What is CTA Bots?

CTA Bots is a software that allows you to put a sales bot with text-to-audio speech on your OR other people's websites. The audio auto-plays so you can use it to call attention to videos or links to get more video plays and clicks.

Here are just some of the features of CTA Bots:

Who is CTA Bots for?

CTA Bots is for anyone with a WordPress blog who wants to drive more sales. The bot speaks directly to your visitors to emphasize things like your product's features or show a countdown of expiring special pricing or availability. This is great for affiliate marketers, offline businesses, eCom, Amazon affiliates, product creators, coaches.

Here are just a few uses for CTA Bots

What I liked and didn't like...

I really liked how easy CTA Bots was to set up and how effective calls to action like this can be. I would really like to see a way to emphasize certain speech aspects to to provide more voice inflexion. Not a big deal as the voice is still easily understood. And it wasn't clear to me when making the initial settings for my time zone if Daylight Savings Time would be factored in or not. Again, not a big deal.

How can you get CTA Bots and all my bonuses?

You get these bonuses if you buy before the countdown timer reaches zero!

You also get these bonuses if you buy before the countdown timer reaches zero!

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